Inspiration for using the project

The country where your friendship class lives differs from yours in many ways, and it is exciting to get to know such a different culture. Perhaps you already have lots of ideas about how to incorporate your friendship class into your teaching. If not, you will find inspiration in the PDF file below. A panel of Danish teachers and one South African teacher has developed this inspiration to help you get started. World Class Friends will work both as a short-term project to fill in gaps in your lesson plan, and as an ongoing project throughout the school year. The project may take different forms. Your class can write letters, make a video or record music. How you choose to use the inspiration and your friendship class in your teaching, is entirely up to you.

We hope you and your class will find it useful and that you will enjoy participating in the project.

Get inspiration


The school year is different from country to country. Your friendship class might have their vacations and holidays at other times than you do. Here you will find calendars of the school year in Denmark. It is important to match your friendship class’ calendar with your own. You might find similarities or differences to use in your teaching, and you avoid planning to start a project at a time when your friendship class is on vacation.


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